Following the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, many residents were forced to leave the country. There are a lot of young athletes among the refugees, too.

At times like these, sports go by the wayside, but at the same time we believe that young football, basketball and ice hockey players need to continue to train, get practice and keep themselves as fit as possible despite the circumstances.  

InStat would like to assist young athletes in finding opportunities to resume training wherever they are and we therefore announce the launch of the initiative aimed to help young Ukrainian athletes find new teams in foreign lands.

Over the years of InStat’s existence, we have established strong and lasting relationships with many sporting clubs, schools, academies and other sports organizations across Europe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia. We know that many of our clients will respond and be happy to see young athletes from Ukraine at their training facilities.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation or know of any Ukrainian players who want to resume training abroad, please contact us at Knowing the player's name, contact phone number and location, our managers will be able to start looking for a new team.