Broadcasting of national TV level at an excellent price

SuperHD 1080p quality, accurate statistics and interesting infographics, full set of features to attract fans and a new audience.  

InStat is available in 40 countries across three continents. We have more than 500 camera operators who have been filming football, ice hockey, basketball games and other matches for over 10 years. We know the way sports should be shown, and we use equipment that broadcasts images in superior quality. Every event has its audience – amateur tournaments, professional leagues of any level, home and away games. InStat has the resources, technologies and expertise to show sports in the best way possible.

What is InStat broadcasting

  • SuperHD 1080p quality
  • Production crew for every single match
  • Flexibility – on-demand broadcasting, starting with one camera
  • National TV standard, a director and a commentator working on every match
  • Complete on-screen graphics: scores, lineups and statistics
  • Basic and advanced pre-match statistics
  • Live stats and statistical crew covering the match
  • Shot charts and charts for other actions
  • Replays of goals and chances during the match
  • No lags or technical issues coming on the production side

If you are organizing a sports event and you want to broadcast your team’s or league’s matches – contact InStat in order to reach a bigger audience, attract new fans, partners and sponsors.