Robin Sandberg Interview

First-year InStat user Luleå won the Swedish Women's Basketball League in style

Today, we bring you our second episode of customer experience interviews where some of our top clients share their firsthand InStat experience. We are privileged to be joined by our relatively new, yet victorious customer - Robin Sandberg, Head Coach at Luleå Basket.

Robin recounts his first impressions of using InStat, tells what he learned and what he is yet to learn. Despite his young age, Robin has plenty of experience under his belt - winning two back-to-back titles. However accomplished he is, Robin remains motivated:

“Sometimes it feels a little bit too quick, to be honest, but winning and developing at the same time is something that keeps me motivated. There is still a lot to be achieved”. Robin says.

Due to Covid, the 19/20 championship was awarded to Robin’s team, so they were eager to defend their title. After one year of using InStat the women’s basketball club, Luleå emerged victorious by completing a remarkable comeback in the playoff finals against Alvik.

He went on to state about the InStat features he used the most at Lulea: “I am very happy and impressed with the variety of tools InStat can offer. I think with the Covid being all over, it has helped us do our job better, be more efficient. No doubt, InStat definitely contributed to our success this season. It would have been much tougher if it was not for InStat. We used InStat mainly for scouting our opponents: we studied what types of defense they stick to, what shots they take. Set plays are something we pay a lot of our attention to. We also did a lot of individual scouting through the platform to make sure no unpleasant surprises go our way. All this tremendously sped up the process of getting to know each player on the opposing bench. We tend to spend more and more time analyzing opponents as the season progresses. There is a structure we are trying to keep when sharing data within the team: our players are given shot charts where shots are sorted by types and players. We thoroughly analyze the opponent’s pick’n’roll game”.

However, Robin admits that he is still learning the ropes of how InStat can help develop his own players:

“This is my first year with InStat, so I am still learning day by day. This year we learned how to break down our opponent’s game on the platform. The goal for the next year is to learn how to use the platform to develop our players. We are going to put more effort into it”.

We also asked if Robin utilized the platform to scout and recruit players to his organization:

"There is a couple of players who can potentially strengthen our team at the moment. Inviting new players demands more thoroughness: We are watching them closely through InStat. Full games are what we are more about during that process. You see how players react after a play, before a play; their body language, and communication - these things are as important as the technical ability”, Robin says.

“When you are in the season there comes a time when the daily routine gets you, and all you need is a fresh angle. With the InStat newsletter, I often learn new practical tips and tricks on how to use the platform. So, I recommend other coaches stay tuned”, Robin concluded.

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