InStat Integration

InStat + Nacsport: Integration Completed

InStat recently partnered with Nacsport in order to provide an expanded user experience to both companies’ clients. Even prior to the announcement of this partnership we were aiming at creating a working solution that would become a powerful combination of InStat’s video and data and Nacsport’s cutting edge tagging software. Now we are delighted to inform you that the integration has been successfully completed!

As of today, any football, ice hockey and basketball InStat Scout user will be able to download a detailed post-match file with tagged events and stats. The file can be downloaded using the button located on the full match video page:

At the same time, Nacsport launched a built-in browser that allows football, basketball and ice hockey Scout access without leaving Nacsport software. Please note that this downloadable file with the ".nacsportinstat” extension can be opened via Nacsport software only. 

So what are the advantages of this integration in comparison to InStat Scout XML service and on top of what was mentioned above? In fact, there are several:

  • More match play-by-play events and stats available;
  • Full match footage begins downloading within Nacsport software as soon as the file is added;
  • Our customers can save time and energy if they want to use both services simultaneously;
  • It is possible to work offline with the data and videos downloaded off the platform.

We prepared a number of promotional and tutorial materials, feel free to check:

Football (soccer) promo
Football (soccer) tutorial  
Basketball promo
Basketball tutorial
Ice hockey promo
Ice hockey tutorial

Should you have any questions, please contact or visit our partner’s pages: &