InStat Scout Handball


We have recently launched an InStat Scout Handball video and stats platform similar to its football, basketball, and hockey counterparts. 

We have collected information on over 400 teams and there are more than 6000 players in our database. Discover 70+ player and 80+ team metrics. The InStat team and our unique software are doing routine game breakdowns and supplying a full set of data and video for you.

Why InStat Scout Handball?

  • Instant post-game reports
    With InStat Scout Handball you are all set to run through not only your game highlights but a multitude of different video playlists once the final whistle has been blown. On top of that, you will receive PDF game reports with detailed stats and graphs on your or your opponent’s team’s performance;
  • Clips of your every action are just one click away
    At InStat we make sure no action slips your radar. Every metric is clickable and linked to a video clip. Sharing your clips with your players, coaches, and friends is no hassle. Additionally, you can create custom playlists and draw dynamic pictures over moving videos to better explain concepts;
  • Your team’s progress at your fingertips
    Develop a habit of regularly using InStat to track your team’s performance trends. Achieve consistency and take your game to the next level;
  • Customizable and exportable tables
    Export tables to PDF or XLS. Focus on what you deem necessary - customize the parameters and look at your and the opponent team’s performance from different perspectives;
  • Visualized and digitized: let your data tell a story
    Your team’s data is full of meaning, our insightful charts and graphs allow for easier comprehension of complex data;
  • Bring your players to InStat
    Warning! Giving your players access to InStat may result in a more competitive dressing room.

Our solution is helping more and more handball professionals to improve their game. We can go on and on about our qualities, but sometimes it’s better to let our clients do the talking:

Thanks to InStat I was able to monitor our opponents during the EHF Champions (Men) Final 4. I found this solution really useful”.

Anselmo Ruiz
Former Video Coach at Barcelona