InStat Statistical Reports

Playing and training day-in day-out makes it difficult to afford re-watching the action in full. After each match, coaches and players will get statistical PDF match reports and video clips of events. InStat communicates with coaches and fine-tunes statistical parameters on a continuous basis. We track and analyze actions with and without the ball. Every parameter in our report is linked to a video stored on the InStat Scout Handball platform. Statistics help assess players in different positions, their performances in different matchups, as well as the team play in general. 

InStat Statistical Reports

  • Detailed team and player statistics. 5 pages of clear and concise data;
  • A thorough analysis of each match aspect - scoring details, numerical
  • advantage/ disadvantage, play, playtype statistics, etc;
  • Comparisons of both teams in the match;
  • Statistical overview of all actions for each player in both teams. You can easily check both basic and advanced data;
  • Detailed shot charts and statistical tables for both teams and players;
  • The reports are downloadable via post-match emails.

Our clients receive post-match reports in PDF format. The matches are analyzed by our specialists with a background in handball coaching and analysis. Among our clients, there are some big club organizations as well as national federations such as the Hungarian Handball Federation and the Argentina national handball team.