FIFA performance test

Tracking Solution Certified by FIFA

We have proven it again! The precision of the InStat Fitness tracking data has been confirmed by passing the FIFA performance test.

The test displayed that InStat Fitness surpassed the FIFA standards. You can see the results of the test for yourself on the FIFA website.

InStat is one of the very few companies that has passed this test. This validates InStat as a very reliable and valuable partner in the world of sport statistics.

We are currently working with many organizations internationally and one of the reasons why the UEFA Champions League & FIFA World Cup winners choose InStat is the quality and accuracy of our data.

Our performance reports are useful for coaches around the world as they display InStat Fitness key points, explained in more depth below.

The best price: 

  • Affordable price per one match analysis with all data included. Further discount of price can be permitted for conference or league deals.

Production process:

In order to measure fitness during a match:

  • No equipment needs to be installed;
  • Can use something as simple as a GoPro or InStat 360 Camera (~$300.00 cost);
  • The video must be filmed from one spot and the camera must capture the entire pitch;
  • We are willing to send our own operator to each game if the proper accreditation for the said operator is provided by the team;
  • Team employees or cameramen can easily do it themselves.

Upon completion of the game, the footage is uploaded to the InStat platform.

Data is Accurate:

  • After upload, the video goes through an automated tracking process that recognizes all movements on the pitch;
  • Then analysts in our production centers follow each movement in order to double-check if the system recognized each player in the correct manner.
  • Using this semi-automatic system lets us create the most accurate data without using expensive camera equipment; 
  • In comparison to GPS solutions, InStat is able to work in any stadium while GPS struggles to operate only in roofed stadiums;
  • InStat Fitness system has passed official FIFA tests this winter with brilliant results: the official review is available on the website of FIFA 

InStat provides the best materials to learn about fitness data:

  • Once the production process is over, the coaches receive automatically generated PDF reports, a very convenient way of receiving information. Please download an example of this report here: (Lokomotiv Moscow - Bayern Munich fitness report). In a singular page, a coach can compare the performance of both teams or review the performance of all players;

  • In the same post-match email, you receive a page-per-player report. This is an example of this report. It can be a great tool to print out and give to players. Each player, in this case, can study and evaluate his or her own individual performance;

  • In comparison, GPS tracking only allows you to see the data of your own team rather than both teams;
  • InStat is very flexible: we can provide data in km/h, m/s, etc;
  • InStat also provides data in Excel or in XML by API - so you can easily integrate this into your analytical system or create your own report in Excel.

Players will receive their data automatically:

  • If your players are connected to the InStat system they can receive their fitness data directly if desired by the organization. Once the fitness analysis is done each player will automatically receive an individual fitness report to his or her email; 
  • In fitness reports, there is a Packing parameter. Packing calculates the number of opponent’s players that have been surpassed (or added) by a pass. Each player’s individual packing is the sum of packings for all the passes that this player has completed and can be both positive and negative.

The additional products the team would receive:

  • The panoramic video that the analyst uploaded to the system will be automatically cropped for ‘coaching mode’. You will have the video which always depicts a view of the entire pitch and all players. You can see an example of this video right here;
  • This AUTOCROP video will be added to InStat scout as an additional video to the match. This video will be available only for the club that uploaded the video (unless the opponent team is also using InStat fitness services - then both teams will have access to this video);

  • Once we have analyzed the game, the InStat Scout users from your team can also watch a 2D mode of the game in addition to other videos provided. Here is an example of this. In one glance you can see all of the players and as a result of this vantage point, this is the most objective video to view. This kind of view is important if you want to have interactive metrics, such as distance between two central defenders, current width of the team, depth of the offside line.

You can switch these metrics and keep them while watching any episode.

With both 2D and Autocrop video, all summaries of your matches are synchronized.  For example, you will be able to watch all goals of the game in Autocrop mode and in 2d mode.

A lot of extra settings are available, connecting players to see how compact they play, or to track the distance between a player and a ball, etc.

See the links below to find the examples of what the French team was provided with after the match:

Albania - France. Video of the full match. Automatic cameraman mode Albania - France. Video of the full match. Multiplicated 2d mode

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