Player and team reports, match and summary reports

Statistical match report arrives shortly after the final whistle. Match analysis, correction and adjustment of the training process start off with the numbers from the InStat report. InStat also offers to monitor changes in player and team parameters throughout the season, as well as to compare yourself and your team with other tournament participants.

InStat provides 4 types of reports: post-match team report, post-match player report, summary player report and summary tournament report. Every parameter in the report is linked to a video on InStat Scout platform. Statistical data helps to assess players of different positions and the team’s overall performance.  

InStat reports will help

  • To quickly understand what affected the final result of the match;
  • To analyze the ball speed and challenge intensity;
  • To calculate the number of opponent’s attacks, their direction and effectiveness;
  • To study the opponent’s playing style;
  • To see all the events on the game's timeline;
  • To understand who underperformed and who overperformed;
  • To see the situation in the tournament in general and compare your playing model with the opponents’ model;
  • To compare all players at every position.

InStat offers statistical reports that reflect the team’s overall results for any given period of time, in a certain tournament, against specific opponents. 

Player reports may be used by players themselves to analyze their performance and improve it, and by coaches in order to form a lineup for the upcoming match. This tool is also essential for club managers who make decisions regarding the extension of players’ contracts and transfers. It is InStat reports that will help to forecast a player’s future performance.

Statistical report is InStat’s main product. All clients receive it, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, the national teams of France and Russia.