Scout Analysis Department

Assessment of a player before signing, selection of players for a particular position, current squad analysis and comprehensive scout analysis.

InStat is capable of running the team’s remote scout department. Starting from 2017 when multiple clubs requested for us to analyse prospective newcomers, we have been providing scout reports. Clubs from Germany, Russia, England and Turkey have been and still are our clients.

Reports offered by InStat Scout Department

  • Player recommendation for a position that needs to be reinforced. The requirements are set by the club: player’s level, region, strong skills. InStat provides a short-list of 5 names and compares those to players from the current squad.
  • Prospective newcomer analysis. A club sends InStat a list of players, and we figure out the best candidate for the team considering its playing style. Full (6 pages) and short (1 page) reports are available.
  • Assessment of the current squad. InStat Scout Department will analyse every player and determine areas of improvement in the lineup.
  • A scout from InStat works on the scouting assignment together with the club’s representative requesting clarifications.

The price of scout analysis depends on the number of requested reports – starting from €200 for one report, up to €10,000 per season for the full range of reports.