Ricardo Pombo interview

With InStat, I developed as a professional in the world of men's and women's football

In this episode of customer experience interviews, we sat down with our long-time user Ricardo Pombo, Technical and Tactical Performance Analyst of the Brazilian Football Confederation - Women's Football Team, and talked about how he places education of coaches and players above winning trophies, when he first started using InStat Scout and how the platform is used in Team Brazil:

First, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself and my work in football.

For more than 20 years I have worked in the areas of physical preparation, applied physiology, technique, and tactics. This helped me understand football as a whole and help coaches with the best training and game information. Understanding individual, group and collective details is always a challenge. However, I believe that during this time, both in clubs and national teams in different categories, I had a great learning experience and could contribute directly to major competitions. In this way, I participated in five FIFA worlds of different categories, pan-American gold, Rio 2016 Olympics, and preparing for Tokyo 2021. The biggest professional achievement, however, was not medals or trophies, but the real contribution to educating coaches and athletes on game analytics. Knowing what information changes games is priceless!

When and under what circumstances did you first start using InStat Scout?

In 2012, when I went to do my doctorate in Portugal, I was looking to understand more about the tactical behavior of teams around the world and due to the difficulty of finding games and information around the world, I went looking for a place or company that would do that. That's when I found out about InStat Scout and was introduced to an incredible platform that helped me obtain information and develop as a professional with the data from the world of men's and women's football in various categories. This gave me the opportunity to get to know my opponents and my own team better”.

Could you elaborate on this?

InStat Scout assists in the scouting process by gathering information from around the world in various competitions, which was not possible to do in person before. This makes it easy to find new athletes and spot potential candidates, track performance, and generate new successful referrals. With all the data in hand, we combine our qualitative and observational analysis to complete the generation of the best final information.

Imagine playing a team that you have never played before, as is the case with Zambia this coming Olympics. With InStat we were able to extract the initial information and then deepen our study material”.

What features on the platform do you tend to use the most?

I tend to use practically all the features on the platform, but especially individual and collective analysis in a large database organized by games, competitions, seasons, and more. I check the analysis of several competitions around the world and monitor our athletes and opponents.

The platform's action filters are fantastic, they allow me to compare and also generate playlists of everything I want to see or analyze.

Imagine an environment with information from the simplest to the most complex, well-organized, and visually easy to understand, let alone the speed at which the data is updated. I really like the fitness, technique, and tactics function. They collaborate a lot”.

Have you had a chance to try out our brand new Dynamic Drawing feature?

I'm a fan of video illustrations, especially dynamic ones. The dynamic drawings function helps in football pedagogy. Make clear to athletes what can be improved or a concept we want to explain. Our goalkeeper coach is one of those who uses it the most, he does in-depth studies with illustrations that make us proud of his professionalism and ability to contribute with images. It has been amazing”.

Ricardo concluded: “The platform I knew years ago is not the same as it is today. I notice the evolution and constant quest for improvements. I believe that adding elements aimed at training sessions will bring even more success to the company over time”.

For more information, visit instatsport.com/football. You can also view instructional videos on the InStat Sport YouTube channel, or visit @InStatFootball on Twitter for the latest news and updates.