Objective performance rating for players & teams

InStat’s unique parameter, which gives the most accurate assessment of a player’s performance.

An automatic algorithm considers the player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the championship they play in. InStat Index helps to determine the player’s class. With InStat Index, you’ll be able to understand whether a substitute player is ready to play in the main team, how hard it will be for him to transfer to a top league, how the player performs in matches against opponents of different levels.
The rating is created automatically – each parameter has a factor which changes depending on the number of actions and events in the match. There is a unique set of key parameters for each position (12 to 14 factors). The weight of the action factors differs depending on the player position – for example, grave mistakes made by central defenders and their frequency affect InStat Index more than those made by forwards. These factors are multiplied by an average InStat Index collected across matches around the globe for several years.
In order to calculate the InStat Index, the player has to spend a certain amount of time on the field and perform a minimum number of actions. The overall match result goes into a report and into the InStat Scout system.

InStat Index is created to

  • Speed up the scouting process. This is the primary selection filter for many professionals.
  • Assess the level of a player, club, tournament and even league.
  • Follow the dynamics of a player’s shape, predicting decreases in his performance.
  • Compare players on different positions.
  • Assess a player’s actions considering the opponent and the tournament level.
  • Reflect a player’s major performance alterations not only in the long run, but also during a certain period in a match.

At InStat there is a special department working on the InStat Index. The parameter constantly improves – such coaches as Carlo Ancelotti and Rafael Benítez already use it, as well as players Antoine Griezmann, Artem Dzyuba, Petr Čech and Karim Benzema. Scout departments of top European clubs also use it for work.