perfect viewpoint

InStat's unique technology allows you to see all players on the field at once and to analyze your team’s performance. All in 4K resolution. The program is also used to calculate fitness data.

InStat Autocrop allows filming matches without a cameraman. The footage will cover every player on the field. There is minimum human involvement in the process – we only require a person only needs to set up a panoramic camera at the required height, connect it to a computer and check the Internet connection before the start of the match.

InStat Autocrop opportunities

  • High-level technical filming. We developed the program algorithm together with coaches in various team sports.
  • High-resolution 4K footage will be useful for the coaching staff, scouts, journalists and players.
  • One InStat Autocrop camera may be used for both filming the video and calculating Fitness data.
  • No memory cards or video transfers are required. InStat Autocrop codes the recording and sends it to us for a statistical and analytical breakdown.

How It Works

An Autocrop camera is set at a height of 8-10 meters and 23-24 meters away from the sideline. A special algorithm allows the camera to cover the entire field. The program analyzes every frame and centers the image depending on the players’ positions without any sudden zooming. Autocrop’s automated filming is faultless. It follows the teams throughout the match. Compare any footage made by InStat Autocrop and a camera operator to see for yourself.

System requirements

  • Computer with an Intel Core i5 processor or better
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Panoramic 4K camera

We advise our clients to add set up by InStat specialists use a modified version of Z-cam C1 camera which was developed especially for InStat. This camera is not commercially available. The camera is compact and light, it does not take up much space, films in 4K resolution, is equipped with a fish-eye wide-angle lens with a focal length of 7 mm.