Statistics and video analysis – from young learners to professional players.

Statistical reports, video summaries, analysis of strengths and inclusion into the InStat Scout database for players starting from 13 years old. 

InStat constantly monitors youth and junior tournaments. Currently, InStat database has information on more than 45,000 players aged between 13 and 18 y.o. Over 30 kinds of actions and about 15 parameters and criteria related to physical activity and running are statistically calculated for each of these players. We take into account such indicators as tenacity, weak foot playing, defensive performance, attacking performance and many others. Using this data enables coaches in academies to see a player’s strengths and determine the direction of his or her development, making it easier to assess the player and ensure positive dynamics. 

What does InStat have for academies

  • Continuous monitoring of players’ individual indicators.
  • 40 team parameters, both basic and advanced, including distribution of attacks widthwise, the efficiency of attacks and their types.
  • 45 player parameters.
  • Every parameter is linked to a video.
  • Action charts.
  • Including academy students into the InStat database, accessed by all TOP clubs in the world.

Academies of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Krasnodar and Zenit are among InStat clients.