Precise Fitness Data by InStat

In collaboration with InMotion InStat is working on a fitness tracking device.

InStat is the worldwide leader in the industry of sports analytics. The company has been cooperating with its football clients for more than 12 years. InStat provides statistics, video and fitness data to the teams winning national championships, European cups and major international tournaments. By 2020 InStat will expand its service package with wearable trackers. The solution is being developed exclusively for InStat by the InMotion startup (TechnoSpark Group).

InStat will launch a new data collection system for football players that can be used either at training sessions or during matches. Data will be collected with the help of an InMotion fitness tracker attached to the athlete’s body. Our device follows 5 essential physical characteristics.


  • Athlete’s location on the pitch;
  • Acceleration;
  • Position in space;
  • Heart rate;
  • Cardiogram.

Data collected with InMotion trackers will be put together with InStat Fitness data currently tracked optically – distance covered, speed and calories burnt. Thus, InStat will provide clients with a complete picture of the athletes’ physical activity, their state and conditions. The solution will help athletes have a better preparation and recovery before and after matches.

The new service will be offered to teams from different kinds of sports, primarily – to football teams. This may have great appeal to the top clubs and will be available to amateur teams – to more than 2000 existing corporate and 50000 direct InStat clients.

A service pack will contain a tracker, a charger and a base station for data collection. 


Maxim Belitsky, TechnoSpark Group Head of Sports:

A matchbox-sized tracker is put on the player’s jersey and does not bother him or her during the training session. The prospective price of one InMotion device is, at least, three times lower than that of our competitors’ solutions. 


Alexander Ivansky, InStat founder and CEO:

We provide coaches with data on each match played as it is very important for them to know who did well or not and what performance the team had during the match. It’s partly automated, partly tracked by our experts being more than a thousand all over the world. We analyse about 8000 matches monthly, but a match is just one event a week. InMotion trackers help monitor the state of a team at training sessions, that is why we developed an all-in-one solution in collaboration with professionals to let teams have precise useful data that will help them improve their performance.