InStat analytics helps you to win

InStat’s experienced Analysis Department can meet every demand of the client. Our specialists will provide you with a tactical breakdown of the match, determine patterns in a statistical report and find trends.

Analytical reports contain statistical information coupled with a professional match breakdown. We can analyze previous matches and upcoming opponents. The analytical report also contains pages about every player. InStat can usually prepare two types of analytical reports. 

Post-game analysis & future opponent analysis

  • Analysis of matches selected by the client.
  • Analytical reporting based on statistics, fitness reports and videos.
  • A deductive approach to reports. For instance, InStat specialists can analyze the number of mistakes in relation to ball speed.
  • Analysis of offensive and defensive actions.
  • Analysis of ball movement patterns: transitioning from the defence, delivering the ball to the box and more.
  • The interaction between players in the key zones.
  • Graphical analysis of the team’s tactical actions.
  • Overview of every player.

InStat can create tailored reports when requested by the coaching staff. For example, during UEFA Euro 2016, InStat experts analyzed the Iceland national team’s opponents, which partially contributed to Iceland beating England in the round of 16. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, InStat analyzed the style of Spain and Croatia's penalty takers for the Russian national team.