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InStat and Nacsport join forces to create a

powerful combination of InStat’s video and data and Nacsport’s cutting-edge tagging software in football, basketball and ice hockey.

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InStat and PR Solution agree to partner for sports production in South Asia

InStat has signed a MoU with PR Solution, a Kolkata-based production firm, in terms of sports production in the South Asian region.

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Ricardo Pombo interview

“The biggest professional achievement, however, was not medals or trophies, but the contribution to educating coaches and athletes on game analytics. Knowing what information changes the game is priceless!”

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First-year InStat user Luleå won the

Swedish Women's Basketball League in style Robin recounts his first impressions of using InStat, tells what he learned and what he is yet to learn.

Robin Sandberg Interview

One day in the life of a video coach

Mikhail gave us a very detailed account of his well-oiled daily routine and told us how big a role InStat video database plays in it.

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InMotion Fitness Trackers by InStat

We'll provide football teams with precise tracking & fitness data.

InStat Fitness