Today, we bring you another episode of customer experience interviews where some of our top clients share their firsthand InStat experience. This time around we are going to be talking about our recent project - InStat TV. We are privileged to be joined by the Chairman of the Board at the European Girls Basketball League - Igo Zanders whose organization has been successfully promoting youth basketball in Europe for more than two decades. After partnering with InStat, all games of the EGBL series were made available and streamed live on InStat TV. Despite joining not so long ago, Igo has already many things to say about the project.

When did you first learn about the InStat TV project and what prompted the EGBL to feature on the platform?

As my team and I are developing the EGBL and other basketball projects, we are interested in various innovations including the monetization of the sport. Live broadcasting on the internet is obviously one of the main development areas. I first heard about InStat TV in 2021 during a conversation with the sports and digitalization expert, Anrijs Brencans, and I was fascinated and interested in launching a test project. InStat TV is not only about live games, but also about advanced playlists available after the game. For example, a compilation of any player’s actions which  I have not seen anywhere else.

So far, 4 rounds of the EGBL have already been streamed on InStat TV. What are your first impressions? 

There are two main areas to our partnership with InStat. The first is InStat TV, an ott-platform for those who want to follow the games both live and on demand. It's really great. The second area is scouting - shortly after the final whistle all coaches get a full review of their team’s game as well as their opponent's. The players also have access to their personal profile on the video analytics platform InStat Scout. The coaches say that InStat Scout is an indispensable and very handy tool they use on a daily basis. 

With InStat TV, what do you wish to improve?

There’s always room for improvement, but taking into account that the games are played not in the biggest venues, we are satisfied. Various data about the game is already available and we are working on making the graphics even better for more fan engagement. 

What do the EGBL-series teams have to say about InStat TV? 

We can see the interest emerging, coaches are starting to talk more and more about InStat TV. The overall feedback is positive, but so far only 4 rounds have been played, I think it makes sense to speak confidently about this come the end of the season. We and our colleagues from InStat have well-established communication lines with coaches and we inform them in a timely manner about new developments of our partnership.

How do you feel about long-term cooperation?

Extremely positive! This is a big advance in working with junior leagues, the synergy of sports and business. Without this sort of partnership it is difficult to raise the profile of the tournament and the skill level of the teams. 

For more information, visit https://instatsport.com/InStatTV/ott_platform. You can also view instructional videos on the InStat Sport YouTube channel, or visit @InStatBasket on Twitter for the latest news and updates.