Denis Karaulnov, Scouting Coach at BC Khimki

Adapting to sudden changes in the opponent’s line-up

Here we are today at Mytishchi Arena where BC Khimki play their EuroLeague games. We are joined by our longtime user Denis Karaulnov who is going to share his firsthand InStat experience with us. Denis Karaulnov, Scouting Coach at BC Khimki, is one of many EuroLeague coaches who is making a good use of Instat on a consistent basis.

Karaulnov, who heavily contributed to winning the bronze medals of the EuroBasket in 2011, and the Olympic Bronze the following year with the Russia Men’s Basketball Team, has worked out a number of ways of using InStat services to help BC Khimki basketeers develop individually as well as a team.

“InStat tremendously helps us get prepared for the next opponent. By using advanced statistical parameters, we can follow the opponent’s playtype trends in both offense and defense. We are also able to see how the opponent’s squad is rotated as the game develops and identify in what ways the line-up rotation affects their game patterns. The reports on the next opponent that InStat provides us prior to games are very time-efficient and of help. I personally pay great attention to the opponent’s sideline and baseline combinations to see how they do in this area, and whether we should take special care of it. As they say there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Raw data taken out of the context of the game is oftentimes misleading. The possibility of watching video of every metric, of every parameter within one click brings bare numbers to life by giving you the real account of events, this is what makes InStat really stand out” Denis says.

The VTB United League regular season has long passed its halfway mark. BC Khimki are entering a crucial stage of the championship. In their next game the Yellow-Blues take on Zielona Gora whose leader in Gabriel Iffe Lundberg has just moved to CSKA. It is interesting how Denis used InStat to adapt the game preparation process in the wake of a sudden change in the opponent’s lines:

“Gabriel would spend 32 minutes on the court on average. His move left us guessing what Zielona Gora are going to be like without him as he was key to that team. They played but one game without him which is clearly not enough for us to draw prescient conclusions. This is where InStat came in. By applying InStat tools, we were able to filter out the episodes when Lundberg was playing and focus on those 8 minutes per game on average when he was out instead. Now we have a clear understanding of what they are like without Gabriel and what to be prepared for.” Denis says. He concluded, “InStat has helped us simplify many routines and saved us a fair amount of time. Another cool thing about InStat is that you never stop exploring its capabilities. Ways of applying it are only limited by your imagination.”

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