OTT Platform


The sports broadcasting landscape is changing. Viewers are no longer stuck having to use paid TV subscriptions to access sports channels. Live sports are not limited to cable anymore.. 

Our OTT platform brings together the best coverage of football, basketball, ice hockey and more from around the world. Top-quality broadcasts with in-depth stats can be viewed on any device. Intuitive design and easy navigation coupled with a comprehensive sports database really make our OTT platform stand out from other service providers.

What your audience gets with InStat:

  • Every game is available
    Watch games live or save them for later. Instantly rewind the video during the broadcast;
  • Wide range of subscription plans
    Pay-per-view, team or league pass, monthly or season subscription;
  • Fail-safe signal
    InStat use Amazon’s servers to stream in the best possible quality on any device of choice - Smart TV, smartphone or computer;
  • Perks of InStat’s OTT
    Fans can experience not only our original stats, but also watch games in different modes: full game, ball in play, highlights, or a specific player’s actions, saving time and enjoying exactly what they want;

What you get with InStat:

  • Revenue distribution
    The league earns 70% of net profit after deducting the production costs;
  • Optimizing costs
    Film your games yourself using our InStat Recorder app and stream them directly to our OTT and reduce your production costs;
  • Even more fan engagement
    Our tools enable us to create customized highlights live, add sponsor integrations and allow you to share them on social media during the game.