INSTAT broadcasting


Live coverage of sports events is a natural extension of what InStat is all about.

Broadcasting is a relatively new, yet very successful area of our expertise - we film up to 300 games a week worldwide. We have more than 500 experienced camera operators who have been filming football, ice hockey, basketball, futsal, handball and other sports. 

Since the inception of InStat TV, we have been producing turnkey broadcasts of sporting events. Being global leaders in sports data collection and having hundreds of different metrics at our disposal, we guarantee highly informative, compelling and in-depth coverage of your events.

What you get with InStat

  • High-quality video
    Full HD 1080p resolution video from up to 8 cameras. Choose how many cameras your event needs;
  • Production team
    We have representatives in 100+ countries, so putting together a high-quality team wherever you are is never a problem for us;
  • On-screen graphics
    Enhance the action with fully customizable charts, graphs, maps, etc.;
  • Statistical support
    All matches are supported with detailed statistics of all match events such as goals, substitutions, shots on goal, corners, etc. More visuals mean more opportunities for sponsor integration;
  • Smart Captions
    AI-powered algorithm to show captions throughout a broadcast. Our statistical database allows displaying current match stats as well as season stats, comparing players’ and teams’ results;
  • InStat Recorder
    A cost-effective all-in-one solution, which allows our clients to film games on their own by using a smartphone, holder, tripod and power bank. While being recorded, the game can be streamed to any platform of your choice. Additionally, you can opt for uploading it to InStat Scout to get your games analyzed even faster;

Keep your audience engaged and your sponsors coming back with InStat broadcasting.