Exclusive approach

Exclusive approach

Cooperation with mass media was a starting point in InStat history. Later, when the InStat Scout video platform for sports clubs was created, our collaboration with media became even stronger.

Exclusive approach

350 parameters for experts / 30 parameters for fans

An InStat Scout database is a global archive of football statistics and video. We analyse around 1500 matches on a weekly basis. Our operators work on games in South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East. They also film American college games, youth championships and lower tier games in Spain, The Balkans, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, etc. Currently InStat records over a hundred games per month – and counting.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

When a TV channel signs an agreement with InStat, it hires not only a data provider, but a creative director of their statistical department as well as an assistant in broadcast organisation. Our stats are used not only during live broadcasting events but also in round reviews and talk-shows. I would say, our data is as mandatory for TV as a weather forecast. When the round is over, we send a channel 4 stories which sum up the weekend. Those creative materials with an array of interesting data are created by our analysts. Unlike our business rivals, we don’t generate cold stats: we produce an entertaining content.

21st century broadcasting

A modern game broadcast begins an hour before the actual game starts. Spectators can turn a TV on and learn a lot of interesting thanks to pregame coverage. First and foremost it’s an analysis, prepared by commentators, channel journalists and guest experts. Mainly it is based on statistical data of players and teams. Amount of dribbles for attacking players, favourite shooting spots on the field, best challenge zones for defenders and defensive midfielders, beloved flanks for attacks and many more. All that is an interesting statistical content which is a huge part of an established standard of modern broadcasting.

During the preview of opponents’ last matchups, spectators are provided by a statistical comparison of the march participants through the season. That kind of content (in multiple variations) is provided by InStat. Such information raise an interest of fans for games. It makes a broadcast vibrant and comprehensive.

Artyom Shadrov

Match TV channel general producer

The main advantage of InStat is its flexibility during the collaboration. A statistical basis for our channel has been entirely created by InStat. Those guys have created exactly what we were looking for. Our TV channel got an absolute exclusive product. Currently Match TV has a world-best football graphics in terms of data rates and informational depth. InStat data is extremely important for us. It helps us to engage the audience for as long as possible

An update speed and a variety of data: these two features are extremely (and the most) important during the game. Inside a broadcasting process interesting facts are shown on the screen (approx. 30 short lines per game). That info is prepared before the game by InStat analytical department. Each of those is fitted with tags, which help a broadcast director to put required ones to the screen exactly when needed. A system is extremely easy and convenient to work with. It also allows to make your broadcast a unique one.

Here is an example. InStat analysts prepare the information: a conditional X-player is a tournament leader in crosses made. When he commits a quality cross during the game, a broadcast director is capable of showing an appropriate info in just a couple of seconds.

InStat: a partner, an assistant, a friend

InStat provides a so-called commentary sheet: three pages which contain the most entertaining facts about the match, the teams, the players, the coaches, the fans, the arena and many more. Usually those facts are quoted by commentators during the game.

Teams’ and players’ physical activity (fitness reports) information are received by a TV channel in a live mode. The quality of those is as high as of Instat offline products. Although live stats require more complex and modern technical solutions. InStat technologie means an extreme accuracy from the very beginning of data collection.

Alexey Sorokin

Head of InStat fitness department

We provide TV channels fitness data in a live mode. The channel can be linked with our server and the broadcast data is refreshing automatically. During the halftime the channel is able to show the audience top-10 players in “total distance covered” and a “maximum sprint” committed. Note that even if there are any problems during the online analysis, they are being solved immediately. The InStat fitness data is a premium quality product, because each game’s analysis is checked multiple times after the match ends

The channels which cooperate with InStat are interested not only in football products, but also in some other popular sports. Thus our clients allow InStat to run a full statistical service of a channel in covering ice-hockey and basketball, too.

Our company’s collaboration with media is not limited by InStat ties with television. We also are in productive works with newspapers, magazines, specialized websites, freelancer authors and bloggers. Anyone interested in rapid, quality and deep information for their preparation to an upcoming match coverage (as well as for already played matches) can find an essential partner in InStat.

Notably, we have developed a special media report which is in a very high demand.We know the media goals are closely linked with a huge amount of information which InStat is happy to produce for coaches, analysts, club scouts and national teams.That is why we’ve created that useful and extremely informative report.

It’s a statistical report of three pages which covers all the basic team and player metrics. It allows multiple variations for information presentation by a journalist or a media while also providing a room for events’ interpretation from the most unexpected angles.

Ruslan Vilikiev

Head of InStat media department

We’ve developed an extremely convenient algorithm of collaboration with various media. We start with talks and define our client’s permanent needs. Thus, for example, one website covers all championship games while the other one highlights only “the match of the round”. There also are different partners who are oriented on a particular club. We also take into account their interest to different national teams.

As a result we attach a set of tournaments, clubs or games to our clients. It is extremely comfortable way of collaboration for them which allows us to fully satisfy the needs of every single one of them