Any big event must be broadcasted to large audience. Hundreds of thousands of people watch championships, tournaments and favorite teams through online streams. But only a small part of all events that happen on sports arenas every day is broadcasted. InStat strives to change that. We offer broadcasting with the quality of national television and affordable even for amateur teams.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

InStat has gained a reputation of a secure supplier of sport statistics and analytics, but apart from that we have rich experience in video recording. We shoot up to 300 matches around the world weekly. And organization of comprehensive broadcasting involving a director, replays, close-ups and video highlights is our natural way to develop in this area.

You can’t record football, hockey, basketball or any other sport with one camera and in poor quality. The viewers have got to like the show, sharpness and brightness of the picture. Broadcasting should absolutely not freeze or be interrupted – otherwise the viewer is going to simply close the browser and find out the result in social networks later on. InStat records matches in HD 1080p quality. We work in over 200 countries on all continents and have more than 500 cameramen.

Графика точек ударов с пенальти в трансляции ФНЛ


During the pre-season 2018 InStat signed the first long-term broadcasting contract. We penned a three-year deal with FNL, Russian second strongest football tier. In order to show 380 matches we have formed 20 camera crew groups. Every match is served by directors, cameramen and commentators. InStat has developed a common graphics format for FNL: score, lineups, statistics and infographics. All games are broadcasted on the league’s website – FNL has received a complete turn-key package.

Графика InStat в трансляции ФНЛ

Igor Efremov

FNL president

FNL clubs used to bear responsibility for match broadcasting. Some clubs coped with the task well while others did not do too good. There was no common picture and systematic work in that field. This year we decided to move to a whole new level and create broadcasting and video post-editing standard that would attract new audience and partners to the league. For many years we have cooperated with InStat, a company that provides us with the most comprehensive statistical data and analytics, both for the league and for all teams. InStat has proven to be the best partner possible.

FNL contacted InStat a week before the start of the new season and received quality broadcasting from four cameras. As a consequence, executives of the league expressed opinion that “they should have launched the common broadcasting format earlier as FNL has missed out on many opportunities as it was impossible to watch it”.

InStat prepares a comprehensive set of statistical data before every single match so that the content corresponded to modern broadcasting standards. The audience will see all highlights and goals replayed during the break, while the clients will be able to post game highlights that we prepare after the match.