All about the match

All about the match

InStat ice hockey game reports are unique and convenient. No other company in the world considers as many statistical parameters as we do.

All about the match

A unified method

InStat ice hockey game reports are unique and convenient. No other company in the world considers as many statistical parameters as we do. Our hockey department was created in Summer of 2015. We have developed the game analysis method first. That’s why InStat specialists have begun working with Russian youth national team.

It was important to figure out what is a key to the success in an ice hockey game. The results exceeded even most optimistic expectations. In only just 6 months our team has created a unique and completely unprecedented method of hockey analysis.

There was no unified technique of an ice hockey game analysis before. Every club, league or federation was collecting data by themselves. That analysis was based on subjective vision about every single parameter such as dribbles, checks, hits, etc.

Eugene Bogomolov

Head of InStat ice hockey department

Ice hockey stats in multiple leagues of the world is collected with serious mistakes. That is basically caused by analysis being made by people who have a quite little knowledge in that business. Here is a regular example: a man records every player’s action right during the game while being present at the arena. If you lose a focus for just a single moment, you may miss an important episode. That’s exactly what happens in every game. As a result there are a number of mistakes in final statistical sheets.

An unmistakable tool

InStat has approached an ice hockey game analysis from a scientific and a practical standpoint. Our experts have created an exact classification of every single action. That became possible after longtime interaction with hockey coaches and analysts. Thus the statistical parameters that are most important for the professionals of ice hockey world have been defined.

InStat analyses the games only considering its video. Every aspect, even the smallest one, is being reviewed multiple times. Every single game is being analysed by 4-6 analysts. The whole statistical data is being processed through 4-level verification system.

InStat game reports offer coaches the teams’ comparison. It includes a detailed shot and challenge analysis by zones: own/opponent’s slots, defensive/offensive zone, a central zone. There is separate statistics for power plays as well as for short-handed plays.

An exclusive product

Beyond the data about shots and passes, a coach can also find an information about breakouts, intense defense, giveaways and takeaways, possession, faceoffs won (with a detailed scheme for each spot) and for how long the puck has been in every zone during every single game.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

The most important thing in ice hockey is actions in zones. That aspect has been payed a special attention in our statistical reports. We build the analysis of every action on that zone-based approach.

A entry typology is a unique branch which has been introduced in InStat ice hockey reports. Our specialists explore every team’s movement from one zone to another. Some prefer making entries through a strong shot and the others are more into fastbreak penetrations or direct passes.