InStat Scout: What's new?

New parameters, new visuals, new tools

If you click on this link:, you will go to the updated statistical videoplatform. More details below.


Improved Interface & New Episode Search

New Scout design was tested on InStat's basketball and hockey platforms. It is made for analysis matters and delivering information. Team profile provides 98 parameters, Player profile – 70 parameters. Each tables can be customized, because a player needs one set of parameters, a coach – another set of parameters, and scouts have a completely different demand.

Every dot on the pitch is clickable and launches playlist with game episodes

It takes one click to export custom tables. If you need to create a folder with candidates for transfer on your hard disk, open several tabs with players, press PDF or XLS icon above the table and choose where you need to save the stats of your potential newcomers.

Choose 3,5,10 Matches or An Entire Tournament 

You can request statistical data on 3, 5, 10 matches, on the current season or on the calendar year. A user may also choose matches in a particular tournament or all matches against a particular opponent. Scout will show the differences in player's performance in national championship and in the Champions League. 

What’s more important, even the volume of information is vast – it is literally Big Data – but Scout did not get slower. The platform processes complicated requests in a few seconds. 

Shots Widget 

The team page now has even more information: key statistical data, customized parameters and new widgets. Now there is a shot chart, which shows shots made during counterattacks, positional attacks, set pieces and penalties. Now you can see the position of a player performing the shot and its final destination. We even mark the player who interfered with the shooter.

Set Pieces Widget

InStat shows the zones, the trajectories of the ball in case of free-kicks or corners. The widget is adjustable and provides information on the performer, on the direction of a cross (to the goalkeeper or to another zone), on the number of players in defense and in attack. 

Compare Players And Teams 

One of Scout's new features is comparing players – for example, Romelu Lukaku, Artem Dzyuba and Olivier Giroud. Once you click “Show advantages” Scout will tell you that Lukaku is the most efficient out of three. But Dzyuba scores more chances. However, Giroud is more useful in defense – he is irreplaceable during set pieces near his own net. The same way you can compare the teams and learn how to beat your opponent, how successful they are in air challenging, what the weak points are and even more. 

Comparison tables are customized. All numbers are clickable. Comparison results may be downloaded in PDF and XLS formats.

New Filters In Smart Search

Smart search became faster and easier to use. It also has more parameters. You can form general and specific requests. If you need the player who is good in pressing and has the InStat Index above 250, the search will provide you with dozens of possibilities from all around the world. 

Videos With Drawing Tool 

We've updated the video player and its features. The image may be added by several details and animated so that pictures could move simultaneously with players in the field.  The design is more user-friendly and sophisticated. You can widen the borders at a timeline. 

New Tagging System 

Tag any player or team while watching any episode. For example, if you are watching the episode where Paul Pogba scores a shot in the World Cup final against Croatia, you can simultaneously tag Croatia's mistakes and mark a player who allowed to make a shot that beat the goalie. All unique tags are saved in ‘My playlists’ section of ‘My tags’ page, where users may create their customized order of videos.

Even More Parameters

Chances. This parameter was added to reports during World Championship and is now included in Scout: chances, successful chances, % of successful chances and created chances.
Team pressing. Right now InStat is the only company that can analyze team pressing. Numbers in the ‘team pressing’ column show how active was the team in the attacking half, thus forcing opponents to lose the ball or stop the development of the attack.

Goalkeeper Pages In Reports & Scout

Each goalkeeper has his own page, it shows goalie’s interception performance, passing results, number of saves, shots on his goal and many more. 

Availability: InStat Scout is available on PCS, tablets and smartphones for IOS and Android