Statistical reports

Statistical reports

Every coaching staff needs to have statistics at hand to figure the reasons behind victories and losses, study upcoming opponent or pick the right position for a player. InStat offers its clients a full range of comprehensive yet easy to analyze statistical reports.

Statistical reports

Any coaching staff needs to have statistics at hand to figure the reasons behind victories and losses, study upcoming opponent or pick the right position for a player. InStat offers its clients a full range of comprehensive yet easy to analyze statistical reports. Every report is designed to facilitate solving various tasks on the way to improving a team’s or single player’s performance. They can help you find out strong and weak sides, track dynamics of ups and downs, compare your results to those of opponents and much more.

Avram Grant


I’ve been using statistical reports since 1987 – at the time they were made by guys who had shot weddings and then switched to filming football matches and analyzing them. Times have changed and I have come to read InStat reports regularly. Certainly, statistics plays a huge part in working with a team.

So, there are several types of reports.

Game from A to Z

Let’s start our review with match report, the one that serves as a base for all the rest – statistical match report. The report is structured in such a way that a coach or athlete analyzing it could figure all details that influenced match result in the shortest time. Statistics is provided according to ‘general-to-specific’ principle, so general indicators are scrutinized first.

Here you can see both quality and quantity indicators as well as their interpretation in the shape of indexes reflecting, for instance, ball movement speed in attack or challenge density. The report includes calculation of the total number of the rival’s attacks, their direction and efficiency.

César Arghirudis

Saint-Étienne football club analyst

It’s worth noting French Ligue 1 match reports that we receive from InStat. Using these figures we compare ourselves to other clubs and check whether we analyzed our opponent’s style of play right or not in a certain round.

With the same possession one team might combine more in the opposite half. Such parameters can be examined thoroughly on the next page with a breakdown by match time segments.

Key indicators are split into time segments here. Thus, you can track match period with the teams’ highest activity or figure when match turning point happened. Having InStat statistical reports at hand you can understand when the team performed most successfully and what pitch zones it used to outplay the rival.

Comprehensive analysis and comparison of individual players’ performances comes next.

This page can help you understand which footballer put in the best performance in the game and who played below par. InStat Index is the most complete tool that reflects quality and quantity indicators. However, breakdown of players’ indicators is not limited to that. Find more information about it in InStat Index section.

Comprehensive analysis of players’ actions in particular pitch segments comes next. For example, you can see what zones key passes were coming from as well as their direction.

Vahe Tanielian

Real Salt Lake analysis manager

Reports help us compare individual and team statistics and see who was the most useful player on the pitch. We also use data on players’ average positions. It gives us an opportunity to check whether players were following the game plan strictly or not and understand what we need to improve ahead of next matches. Access to such information made us reconsider the way we prepare for games.

Using our statistical match reports you can find out everything about any specific game without even watching it.

Team formula

InStat offers its clients statistical reports reflecting team’s cumulative indicators for any certain period of time. There is also an option to sort teams and matches by tournaments. Using this report you can figure strong and weak sides of the team in general and all of its players in particular. All indicators are taken into consideration when comparing players so it’s easy to check who has been the most useful performer in the past month, season or particular tournament and who has been pulling the team down.

Gerard Dunne

Head Analyst at Football Association of Ireland

InStat reports on our opponents were extremely useful during Euro-2016. Especially taking into consideration short time frames between matches.

This report is also based on ‘general-to-specific’ principle. To begin with, we’ve examined key indicators. Here you can see how many goals and under what circumstances the team scored and conceded, as well as the numbers delivered by team leaders in this particular period of time. Team leaders are further scrutinized according to various parameters, and detailed information on each player is provided. As long as this report covers specific period of time, dynamics of club performance can also be analyzed. For that matter statistics of matches is given on the last page.

Season DNA

InStat can also perform total season statistical reports. All teams playing against each other are included and ranked in such a report. For your convenience the report can be formed in such a way that indicators of any particular team you are interested in were highlighted graphically.

César Arghirudis

Saint-Étienne football club analyst

InStat season report is very useful for us. It provides us with complete structural description of a team we are facing next. So to speak, we get to know our opponent’s DNA. I use this comparison because our rivals are broken down to the finest details in those reports. And it’s always grounded information that can be trusted.

Let’s see how it works. The most comprehensive information is provided in this report. Here you can compare general indicators (such as goals scored) and see where the shots were made from and where goals were scored from.

Footballers can also be compared by any parameter in this report. Players of any club you are interested in can be highlighted here.

Should you need to compare players of any particular position, this report provides such an opportunity as well.

Season/tournament statistical report is the most complete product in InStat report line that reflects the highest number of parameters. At the same time statistics is sorted nicely so that you could always find information you need quickly.

Fiction for a player

The most efficient way to analyze player’s statistics is to use a special report reflecting both his cumulative and individual indicators. Such a report is the most convenient way to track dynamics of a certain athlete’s performance. It contains results for any period of time, while his performances can be sorted by tournaments. If there is a need to evaluate his current form, it can be easily done by comparing his long-term indicators to those collected in the past month. For illustration reasons the report contains graphics that gives an opportunity to track form spikes or check pitch zones where the player showed the highest activity in recent matches.

Avram Grant


After reading a report on their performance players do their best to improve in the next game. They get enthusiastic, start following their statistics from game to game.

Player reports can be used by players themselves for analysis and performance improvement, and by coaches when making up their minds on squad selection for upcoming games. For example, national team coach who doesn’t have an opportunity to watch all players performing for their clubs simultaneously can define the form of his footballers ahead of the tournament. Besides, this tool is also useful for club managers who have got to be reasonable when it comes to offering contract extensions to players or to transfer deals. This particular statistical report can help you predict how successful the player’s performance will be in the nearest future.