InStat Scout

InStat Scout

InStat Scout is a website platform designed for sports professionals: coaches, analysts, scouts, players, managers, journalists, agents – a wide range of people involved in professional sports.

InStat Scout

Football InStat Scout video platform is truly unique: it contains information on more than 400,000 players and you can get statistics on each one of them or watch video highlights of their performance.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

We’ve created a platform for coaches and scouts, providing an opportunity to get access to unique football database in just a couple of clicks. User-friendly interface is something we are really proud of. Many coaches enjoying InStat Scout never used internet before. And now they spend hours watching video highlights every day.

In just a couple of clicks any user can watch all dribbles, won and lost challenges, goals, passes of a certain player, learn statistics of upcoming opponents or find new players that could bolster the squad.

Over 6,000 new video records are added to our database monthly. Most commonly they are TV streams. If a match is not streamed on TV, we film it ourselves (around 1,000 games a month). These matches get to our production center to be elaborated by our specialists. InStat Production and Data center, employing over 500 people, breaks down more than 1,500 matches weekly, making records of every action made on the pitch virtually every second.

Statistics is updated online or appears in the system after the game. More than 1,500 clubs and national teams on all continents as well as hundreds of football agents and thousands of players use our product, and most of them visit our website every day.

Video platform for entire team

How do football clubs’ employees use video analysis? It is coaches and their assistants who need InStat Scout in the first place so they could watch entire match, take it to pieces, prepare for the next opponent. Our clients have access to all video highlights, essential for comprehensive analysis, including corners, position attacks, shots, challenges, dribbles. InStat Scout undoubtedly saves coaches’ time. Before it took 5-6 hours to analyze the match or opponent, now it can be performed in 20-30 minutes provided that you use our platform. Such selective review provides an opportunity to see the most important things and make the right conclusions, just as important in professional analysis.

Paul Brand

Manchester United Performance Analyst

Working with InStat Scout has significantly added detail, quality and time to our opposition analysis workflow. The ability to interrogate and review various levels of data and video match-by-match is crucial to providing our insights on a very tight schedule. The platform is very easy to navigate and the quality of footage is very high.

InStat platform gives an opportunity to create video presentations for the team quickly and conveniently: you can select episodes, change their length, apply drawings. The final video films can be exported and shown to players on big screen, or shared to their emails. Top club coaches, sending such video films to their players admit that it’s the most convenient way of communication.

The coaching staff of France national team provided all their players with InStat access before Euro 2016 tournament so they could watch their own actions and get reports. In total over 15,000 players all over the world use InStat Scout video platform.

Antoine Griezmann

Atlético Madrid and France NT forward

It’s very important for me to receive edited video clips of my actions. InStat Scout is available from different devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer). I watch all my actions in chronological order. Speaking about the opponents I like to watch the previous games to understand how defenders react to openings or, for example, different type of dribbles. Video is also a very important element in preparation. I pay attention to every detail which can play a crucial role at the top level.

Football without borders

No other statistical platform in the world covers that many countries and football teams. InStat Scout is the only source where you can see statistics and video films of African football leagues’ matches. InStat cameramen film championships of South Africa, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Liberia.

Helmi Kechaou

InStat manager for Africa

Up until recent time European scouts have experienced trouble in reaching African players. Now, with the help of InStat, all actions of young African talents are available in a single large video database. Local football has come out to international market. Now it’s just as easy to watch a player from an exotic African team as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Besides, the platform contains information on US college and university teams. Over 200 teams from American higher institutions have already become InStat clients.

John Scott

Hartwick College men’s soccer team head coach

For 6 years I have been producing my own match analysis for the team and for each individual. I had to do this work alone and it took too much time. With InStat Scout I can save time and do my professional duties. I’m sure that with the help of this programme my players will become better. With the help of InStat we want to win the new Sun Belt Conference title in the NCAA Division I.

Also the matches from different championships of Central America, Middle East region, Asia and former USSR republics along with minor leagues, youth and women league games can be found on InStat Scout.

Transfer market in plain sight

InStat Scout platform covers unique number of leagues, teams and players, which makes it a perfect tool for searching new players. Any club’s scouts can quickly find potential young talents without leaving the office. All they have to do is sort players by certain parameters and watch video highlights of their performances.

Gavin Fleig

Global Lead for Talent Management at City Football Services, company running Manchester City scouting operations

City Football Services have been working with InStat for a long time. As the City Football Groups central reference for Scouting and Recruitment, maximising our visibility across a global market is essential to support the Talent Identification of our group clubs, academies and clients. With 164,000 active ‘senior’ players in professional leagues worldwide, the breadth and depth of InStat’s coverage is vital in our work to get quick and easy access to content for domestic and international competition.

Florian Maurice

Olympique Lyonnais scouting director

Automatic search of players with similar skills is my favorite option in InStat Scout. I often find players I didn’t know before thanks to this function. Usually they play in leagues which I don’t follow closely.

I also like to search players, filtering them by certain parameters: age, position, contract and so on. This is possible with InStat Scout. Besides, InStat Scout helps me to watch matches, which were played during the weekend and were not seen fully. I use such opportunity every day. The system allows me to watch highlights of players, find out their stats data (accurate passes, ball losses, duels won and lost, shots, etc.).

InStat Scout can filter players by skills: those are indicators formed through automatic calculation of their talents by certain parameters.

Ilya Vaguine

Head of InStat science department

There are twenty one skills in InStat Scout football player’s profile. Value of every single one of them is displayed in correspondent column on the diagram. If there is no data on a certain parameter, the column remains empty. All skills are created and updated according to strict algorithm that can correct them slightly within a certain match. Every skill is defined by a set of various actions related to it. Let’s take the ‘distant shot’ skill as an example. What matters here is the number of such shots, accuracy, goals scored, shots against woodwork and shot distance. All of the skills are updated in live mode. Should a forward fail to make any attacking actions, his index will go down a little bit

While searching for a player satisfying the club’s requirements, the scout would need to pick the skills he is interested in. Those can be tackles, tenacity, speed, attack finishing and so on.

Besides, there is an all-round index called InStat Index that defines player’s level. It is basically an evaluation of the player’s performance in a particular match, depending on stats and player’s performance quality. You will find more information about it in InStat Index section.