InStat Index

InStat Index

InStat Index is an index used by InStat to evaluate player’s performance in a certain match and during the entire season. InStat Index’ main advantage is its automatic generation through strict algorithm.

InStat Index

InStat Index is an index used by InStat to evaluate player’s performance in a certain match and during the entire season. InStat Index’ main advantage is its automatic generation through strict algorithm.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

Mass media were our first clients. I offered an unbiased evaluation of players’ performance to Sport Den Za Dnem newspaper. The thing is, no matter how smart the person is, he cannot give an unbiased and reasonable evaluation to a player. That’s why player’s efficiency ranking, calculated according to comprehensive statistical analysis of his actions, was one of our first products. Since then we’ve been improving this index. And the idea proved to be successful. I know that many clients of our company are interested in InStat Index. It has become the principal parameter in our statistics and our big pride.

InStat Index attracts huge interest from coaches and players. Paul Clement, Carlo Ancelotti assistant, asked about InStat Index at the beginning of conversation with our company. Rafael Benítez is an active user of the Index. Fyodor Smolov and Artem Dzyuba, Antoine Griezmann and Petr Čech, Aritz Aduriz and Karim Benzema are among players who use InStat Index, and they have improved their performance in the past few years.

InStat has a special department working exclusively on InStat Index. The department is composed of programmers and research group who never stop improving the Index. We keep introducing new techniques to make InStat Index as precise as possible. Besides, InStat Scout platform users can track the change in players’ Index in live mode during the game.

Fyodor Smolov

Lokomotiv Moscow and Russia NT forward

When studying opponents’ performance I pay attention to InStat Index, total number of actions, percentage of successful and unsuccessful actions and the number of dribbles in the first place. InStat Index is a very interesting indicator that takes into consideration all of the player’s actions depending on his position on the pitch. It allows me to compare footballers in certain matches and examine their performance: watch video highlights, separate episodes or even the entire match. InStat Scout video platform makes all of it possible.

The most accurate evaluation

The player has to spend a minimum amount of time on the pitch and complete a basic set of actions to have his InStat Index calculated.

InStat Index is calculated in the following way: there is a basic evaluation of the player’s actions on the pitch, and it is further updated according to various indexes, such as:

  1. match level;
  2. quality of player’s actions compared to other footballers performing on the same position around the world;
  3. quality of actions compared to other players in the same match (or player’s contribution to the final result).

Indexes depend solely on quality indicators of all players taking part in the match. It correlates with the tournament level (action quality is higher in big tournaments), but doesn’t depend on it directly. Theoretically, there might be a higher index match in Romanian championship than in English Premier League.

Here is how the actions of a player that have influenced his InStat Index are calculated: every single analyzed action is given its index according to the number/percentage of this type of actions.

We consider all players from our database performing on this position and calculate their average indexes. If the player under consideration has a higher index compared to average numbers of a certain action then his index will be more than 1. If his performance is inferior to the average level, his index will be less than 1.

Artem Dzyuba

FC Zenit and Russia NT forward

InStat Index is a very curious indicator. Me and my teammates often competed for the highest index.

Index evolution

Initially InStat Index was calculated according to a simple formula: player gets a certain point for every useful action and is deducted a point for every mistake. However, this system proved to have a serious drawback – it’s not total actions that win matches but goals scored. That’s why InStat discarded that system once and for all.

Ilya Vaguine

Head of InStat science department

We stopped calculating player’s efficiency according to stocker system with points totaled up for actions. We had to figure out what was an adequate standard of footballer’s performance. Then we decided that we had to compare his performance to some model parameters.

We defined such parameters for every position on the pitch. For example, what model parameter can a centre back have? We took all players of that position from all over the world, analyzed them and outlined minimal parameters that made it safe to say that a player had had a strong game. In simple words, we expect a centre back to win more than 60% of challenges in the match. If he exceeds that figure, he deserves a higher mark for this action, if he goes below that percentage, his index would drop.

We’ve introduced another parameter for higher evaluation accuracy and objectivity while calculating InStat Index. It’s a player’s share in the team’s total number of useful actions. In other words, it’s his contribution to the final result.

Besides, InStat Index depends on the opponent’s level and match level in general. No wonder that Lionel Messi would complete more dribbles against La Liga underdog than against Real Madrid. However, his actions have more ‘weight’ in the game against strong opposition and are evaluated higher than in the game against struggling clubs. This raises the question of match level definition. Even the games between super clubs may turn out boring and lacking pace according to fans. Yet, judging by statistical researches, players make fewer actions in high-profile matches and cover less distance. At the same time, they tend to show high level of individual skills in such games.

Ilya Vaguine

Head of InStat science department

There is Barcelona vs. Granada type of games and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid type of games. Let’s say Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick against Granada and one goal against Real Madrid. According to InStat Index he played better against Real. Why is that so? The thing is, while calculating the index we also use quality evaluation of match’s key actions. Our analysts evaluate match quality that determines its level that, in turn, influences the final index.

Our company is constantly working on improving InStat Index. However, we are already proud of what we have achieved in years of working on this most accomplished player efficiency index in world football. It is safe to say that InStat Index is the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation tool in modern football, expressed in a simple three-digit figure.