For players

For players

More than 15,000 players all over the world use InStat statistics to get an objective assessment of their performance. For comparison, there are around 30,000 footballers in World Players’ Union. Such world-class stars as Antoine Griezmann, Hugo Lloris, Petr Cech, Aritz Aduriz and many others are among InStat clients.

For players

More than 15,000 players all over the world use InStat statistics to get an objective assessment of their performance. For comparison, there are around 30,000 footballers in World Players’ Union. Such world-class stars as Antoine Griezmann, Hugo Lloris, Petr Cech, Aritz Aduriz and many others are among InStat clients.

Antoine Griezmann

Atlético Madrid and France NT forward

I assess my performance on the pitch in the evening after every game or the next day. My statistics and highlights with my actions appear on InStat Scout video platform very quickly. They are available on various devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptop. I study myself and my opponents. I like to watch their previous matches to better understand how defenders will react to openings or different types of dribbles.

In the early years of our work InStat focused on everyday needs of coaching staff and team analysts. But, when we collected statistical data and improved our products, we realized that our reports and video platform are also popular among players. Many of them wanted to study their statistics to play better. Due to full use of services by coaching staff, who provided data to players during theoretical lessons, many footballers have already known about InStat.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

We noticed that coaches show InStat statistics to footballers and decided to do an experiment. We got coaches’ permission and started to work directly with players. Thus players became fully-fledged clients of our company. The experiment was very successful! Players were extremely interested in InStat products.

Players, who become InStat users, receive statistical reports about their performance, weekly round reports, summary season reports via e-mail. They also get access to video platform. There is “Invite players” button in InStat Scout and a player can use it to provide test access to video platform to his teammates and friends from other teams.

Yaya Touré

Manchester City player

I believe that every player needs statistical information, that’s why I use InStat Scout platform and regularly study InStat reports. It’s very convenient, interesting and useful. I like that every player’s performance is analysed to the smallest details. For example, data about tackles, air challenges, dribbles and accurate passes is very important for me. I use InStat statistics to draw the necessary conclusions and improve my performance.

Statistics is a growth vitamin

Many players improved their performance after they started to use InStat. Obviously, it’s not the only reason for their professional progress. But nobody can argue with the fact that objective statistics can be an incentive for new victories. For example, Antoine Griezmann became InStat client before Euro 2016 and turned into a world star during this tournament. Forward Artem Dzyuba was sent on loan to Rostov from Spartak Moscow. There he became an active InStat Scout user and started to read reports. He has won a place in the starting lineup of the Russia national team over the next two seasons.

Lukas Julis

Sparta Prague and Czech youth national team forward

I noticed in InStat Scout that I have high passing accuracy. That’s cool! But I have to work on other parameters. Every player can watch his progress in numbers and on video with the help of InStat Scout. It’s especially important for young players who have to show consistent progress and prove their competency to win a place in the first eleven.

Fyodor Smolov

Lokomotiv Moscow and Russia NT forward

When I study opponents’ action as well as my own performance, firstly, I pay attention to InStat Index, total number of actions and successful dribbles. It’s very good that now I have an opportunity to assess my actions and draw the conclusions myself.

Before Euro 2016 the French Football Federation bought InStat Scout accounts for all players of the national team. Griezmann and company used video platform during European Championship. Germany national team, together with SAP company, developed special application on the basis of InStat data for Manuel Neuer – how opponents of the German national team take penalty kicks. German keeper prepared for every match using InStat video and statistics.

InStat is player’s best friend

Statistics is very important not only for coaching staff but for a player himself. It provides an objective and independent assessment, gives an opportunity to look at own work in perspective.

Ilya Vaguine

Head of InStat science department

Do you know the main player’s problem? He doesn’t have an objective source of information whether he had a good or a bad game. Coaches mostly organize team actions and often they can’t talk to every player. For its part, club analysts carry out tasks of coaching staff. In sports media journalists often rate players according to their own impressions. In addition to this, they analyse only top matches and not more than 0.5% from total amount of players all over the world get their grades.

Players study statistics depending on their position. For example, forward look at such parameters as “finishing”, “shots”, “opening”, “key passing”. Moreover, attacking players study the statistics of future opponents on the pitch – “challenges”, “tackles”, “air challenges”, “tenacity” of defenders and holding midfielders who play in the opposition team.

Three offers for players

InStat offers three reports which meet different needs of players.

Player report – page with player’s statistics in a specific match.

Weekly round report – with its help a player has an opportunity to watch his place in the league and in the world among players of his position for various statistical parameters.

Summary season report – more detailed data about player’s performance including passing lines, action spots, InStat Index in comparison with the whole team, number of actions in match dynamics, opponents in challenges and others.

Artem Dzyuba

Zenit and Russia NT forward

You have one interesting parameter in your statistics – it’s InStat Index. We often compete in the team who has higher Index.

Upon the request of most coaches InStat doesn’t provide reports on other players, who participated in a match, to a footballer to avoid conflicts inside a team. But a player gets an opportunity to track his statistics in the dynamics of a season.

Players, female footballers and their parents

InStat is proud about its cooperation with footballers who play in American colleges and universities. Their statistics is important not only for players but for their parents as well. Usually students move to another city to study and their parents buy InStat account to monitor achievements of their children.

Ilya Vaguine

Head of InStat science department

I’d like to tell you an interesting fact. We sent a letter to all colleges with a report on their match and with access to InStat Scout. 15000 coaches in colleges received this letter. 1000 people read it. When we sent this letter to players, more than 7000 people read it. Players are even more interested in statistics than coaches.

InStat also works with youth football schools where young footballers and their parents show strong interest to statistics.