For Referees

For Referees

InStat helps to improve performance of referees, hence makes football more dynamic and pure. We’ve created a set of services providing an opportunity to evaluate referee’s performance in every match and track dynamics of his indicators during the season. All round approach and high accuracy of our reports allow for complex monitoring of referees’ work.

For Referees

InStat helps to improve performance of referees, hence makes football more dynamic and pure. Our company has created a set of services providing an opportunity to evaluate referee’s performance in every match and track dynamics of his indicators during the season. All round approach and high accuracy of our reports allow for complex monitoring of referees’ work. We apply thoroughly selected criteria of referees’ activity in the context of fixed parameters, which helps us give them impartial evaluation based on strict numeric data. And the combination of statistical reports with unique InStat Scout video platform gives an opportunity to watch referee’s actions in live mode in different match review modes. InStat’s work in this direction is useful for both inspectorate and for referees themselves.

Analysis of physical activity during a match lies in the basement of referee’s performance evaluation. InStat receives data on total distance, distance covered at different speed as well as average and maximum movement speed of referees from two high precision cameras. The numbers are displayed in the report in the form of intuitive tables, infographics and diagrams. Referee’s pitch movement trajectory is recorded in the heat map. Special attention is paid to referee’s movement at high speed. Direction of spurts and sprints is displayed as vectors with precise replication of movement trajectory. Data is sorted by match halves, which allows for tracking dynamics of indicators throughout the game.

InStat reports are unique because they provide information about the distance from referee to the ball, a very important component of his performance. It is this criterion that gives an opportunity to determine whether his movement trajectory was right or not. High attention is also paid to distance between referee and the ball in game’s key episodes and in his foul calls. This statistics section gives an opportunity to make primary evaluation of referee’s positioning, and his ability to read the game in key episodes.

Courtesy of the combination of referee performance indicators (foul calls, oral warning and card issue) with performance data of footballers and teams (number of challenges), InStat was able to include a section of referee performance special indicators in its report. Correlation of indicated data allows for getting a number of indexes that are very important in analyzing referee’s performance over the season. These indicators are particularly valuable because every single one of them can be tracked within median value and has estimative character.

The data applied is extremely important in determination of match dynamics and referee’s impact on it. Correlation between technical pauses and duration of extra time is emphasized in a separate section. The entire scope of special indicators can serve as a basement in creating consolidated standards of referee’s performance, and make their work uniform and standardized – regardless of refereeing style. Referee’s ability to maintain movement intensity in certain match segments is an important component of his work. InStat reports allow for tracking dynamics of referee’s movement in every segment of the match and associate it with an average speed of footballers’ movement. This option provides an opportunity to determine whether the referee is capable of increasing movement tempo and get to the right spots in game’s key moments. Such data is provided in the form of diagrams, which gives an opportunity to make visual evaluation of referee’s physical conditions. Special attention is paid to dynamics of referee’s movement at speed over 5.5 m/sec, and this dynamics in relation to his spurting and sprinting work, and to sprints of footballers from both teams.

InStat makes these reports after every match and after rounds or the whole season. Such reports are of great interest to refereeing staff. They help in complex monitoring of referees’ performance, analyzing dynamics of indicators and elaborating consolidated evaluation criteria. Referees’ fitness coaches can track dynamics of referees’ physical activity in certain matches or during the entire season by using the data provided by InStat.

It should be noted that InStat prepared report form and filled it with data in collaboration with the department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian Football Union. The reports were highly praised by department executives and referees themselves.

InStat is required to provide high accuracy of processed material in pursue of primary estimated data. That’s why InStat pays high attention to every single indicator’s confirmation. Triple control system provides 99% accuracy, any number in the report can be proved, including through an image.

Reports on referees’ physical activity should be considered in combination with InStat Scout video platform. Courtesy of the program’s smart search system there is a possibility to find the game’s key moments quickly and determine the referee’s position in every episode while watching video.  One can also watch highlights with foul calls and challenges to evaluate correctness of referee’s calls. Every controversial moment is available for reviewing just a couple of hours after the final whistle.

The latest version of InStat Scout web platform provides an opportunity to watch games in 2D mode, which makes it unique. The picture covers the entire pitch, both in length and width, and shows the referee’s positioning in relation to the ball in any period of the match, even if the referee is not in the shot himself.

Video processing function, combined with user-friendly InStat Scout navigation, allows for creating video highlights of separate actions. Thus, it gives an opportunity to prepare video tutorials for educational seminars, create highlights of referees’ mistakes or the most illustrative moments. When a match is reviewed by the inspector, absolutely all mistakes of the referee can be taken into consideration to make rough evaluation of acceptable level of refereeing mistakes. InStat materials can represent huge interest for referees before and after matches. Studying reports on physical activity will let them track conditions and check dynamics of indicators reflecting pitch movement speed and intensity.

Our unique InStat Scout web-platform can also help referees improve their form ahead of the games. It contains the largest base of video materials in the world, so its user can get access to watching matches of any teams.

While getting ready for games referees can scrutinize the style of play of particular footballers or review the way they conceded fouls in previous matches courtesy of smart search system. By reviewing coordinates of the actions referees can see areas where players from two teams tend to concede fouls. Getting to know the teams’ style of play can be useful too: the platform provides fast access to statistical data of clubs and players. This will let the referee serving the game read it better and be ready for any changes in the course of the match.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

We elaborated report form and basic criteria of referees’ performance evaluation in collaboration with Russian referees. However, we are confident that they will represent interest for every national federation in the world.

The department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian Football Union is currently using the set of materials for referees. Besides, InStat has experience in organizing educational seminars for referees of large international tournaments. Universal approach and impartial statistics makes all reports fitting for any football federation interested in improvement of football match refereeing quality.