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InStat and PR Solution agree to partner for sports production in South Asia

InStat has signed a MoU with PR Solution, a Kolkata-based production firm, in terms of sports production in the South Asian region.

InStat ScoutFor media

Ricardo Pombo interview

“The biggest professional achievement, however, was not medals or trophies, but the contribution to educating coaches and athletes on game analytics. Knowing what information changes the game is priceless!”

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InStat - Tracking Solution Certified by FIFA

The precision of the InStat Fitness tracking data has been confirmed by passing the FIFA performance test.

Tracking Solution Certified by FIFA

I analyze my performance on the pitch after every game. My statistics and playlists with my actions appear on InStat Scout very quickly. They are available on various devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptop. I like to watch their previous matches to fully understand how defenders will react to openings or different types of dribbles.

Antoine GriezmannTeam France, Barcelona forward
InStat ScoutFor players

InStat Scout: What's new?

New release with more tools, parameters and visuals.

InStat Scout

InMotion Fitness Trackers by InStat

We'll provide football teams with precise tracking & fitness data.

InStat Fitness