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Our analytical department has been working consulting world’s best teams in terms of tactics and stats analysis for years. Now we can also help our clients in evaluating the roster and finding a new player who will fit the team best. We traditionally guarantee candid and impartial conclusions.

In 2017 InStat developed a new product – scouting analytics for clubs. The company’s scouting department helps clubs analyze their squad and pick the best possible new player, ensuring it would be an honest, unbiased and carefully weighted choice.

InStat’s analytical department has been consulting coaches all over the world on how to act against upcoming opponents for many years now. Many clubs have asked our company to analyze potential new signings and give them an expert opinion on whether to buy a certain player or not. As a result, InStat created a special department working on scouting analytics. A brand new product for clubs has been developed. The service has become extremely demanded. Our first clients from Germany, Russia, England, Turkey only leave positive feedback.

There are three types of analytical scouting reports currently provided by InStat.

Analytical report on a player

A club sends us the list of players, we analyze them thoroughly and make our verdict on whether they fit into the team’s style or not.

Ivan Krupenin

Head of InStat Scouting Department

This report is very useful in cases when the agent brings his players to a club. The club simply sends us the list of those players, our specialists complete an unbiased analysis and provide the club with their expert opinion. Hence the club can get a better idea on whether they need them or not.

We can prepare a complete report (6 pages, including tactical analysis of the players and their head-to-head comparison with other footballers) and a brief one (one page).

Selecting players for certain positions

The club informs InStat about a position that needs to be strengthened, and gives a short task: the level of a player they look for, where he comes from, what qualities he should possess. The scouting department compiles a list of 5 appropriate players and compares them to those in the current squad.

Ivan Krupenin

Head of InStat Scouting Department

It’s a more complicated product. For instance, a club makes a request: we would like to find a left back. In our turn, we ask follow-up questions: what is the price limit? What style of football does your team play? What sort of left backs does your head coach prefer? Are there any nationality and language requirements? Having done that, we prepare a short-list of five players and compare them to left backs in the squad.

Squad analysis

It might make more sense to analyze members of the squad before getting down to the search of new players. In this case InStat specialists make evaluation of the roster and point at positions that need to be strengthened.

Ivan Krupenin

Head of InStat Scouting Department

Once a year we prepare such a report, analyzing the actual players in every position. We analyze the depth of the squad and answer the main question of the sporting director: what positions require strengthening? Unlike analytical reports on the team, this type of reports is designed for sporting directors and team scouts in the first place, but can also represent interest to coaching staff.

Prices of scouting services depend on the order volume – starting from €200 per report and up to €10 000 for complete package of services per season.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

We think it’s a fair price: it’s better to pay a little to us and, possibly, avoid huge mistake when buying the wrong player. We do not claim that we are better informed about football market than your sports department. But we do guarantee that our specialists are professionals with profound knowledge of national championships and that we are great in analyzing football statistics. And most importantly – we will always provide you with an honest, unbiased analysis.