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InStat Scout: What's new?

New release with more tools, parameters and visuals.

InStat Scout

I analyze my performance on the pitch after every game. My statistics and playlists with my actions appear on InStat Scout very quickly. They are available on various devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptop. I like to watch their previous matches to fully understand how defenders will react to openings or different types of dribbles.

Antoine GriezmannTeam France, Atlético Madrid forward
InStat ScoutFor players

Soccer Aid match analysis

Who was the best players among former fotball pros and today's celebrities?

InStat video and analytics have become a valuable tool for our coaches and managers. It provides an in depth look at the statistical details of the game, helps us evaluate our players and team performances, and aids in decision making processes. Thanks to InStat for the great work they do!

Tyler DietrichTeam Canada video coach
InStat Scout