Find just about anything

Find just about anything

InStat Scout Basketball platform: a global database of basketball statistics and videos on players and teams around the world. The platform provides an opportunity to analyze both players` individual performance, as well as the collective efficiency.

Find just about anything

InStat has become the world leader in the field of football statistics and is now introducing its technologies into basketball. We have developed a tool already used by world’s top basketball teams, such as Zenit St. Petersburg, Valencia Basket, Morabanc Andorra, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Montakit Fuenlabrada, the reigning Eurobasket champion Slovenia national team and many more.

Nikita Tarasov

InStat Basketball Director

The unique InStat Scout platform provides detailed statistics on all the players’ actions in both offense and defense. It allows the determination of game trends for individual basketball players as well for the whole teams: for example, the most frequent or the most effective lineup combination performed by a particular squad.

In addition, InStat Scout users are provided with unique accumulated statistics on all five-man lineups the head coach used in the context of 3, 5, 10 matches or throughout the entire season.

Player's portrait

All our statistical parameters are linked to videos. For example, clicking the “Points Earned” indicator will immediately redirect the user to the page with the relevant playlist, which shows all points scored by the player in all selected games.

Each player profile in the InStat Scout platform has an interactive shot chart. The circles show accurate shots, and crosses indicate the inaccurate ones. Each shot is linked to match footage, which can be viewed by a single click. Above the map, there is a total number of shots with a built-in hyperlink to the playlist.

There are several buttons on the shot chart. One of them allows you to set the duration of the episodes.  Another one, the “Shots” button in the lower left corner, lets you see the shots performed by the player’s opponent. The “Zones” button displays the shot zones on the map with the percentage and numbers.

Moreover, you can see all the shots performed when the selected player was in defense, filter them according to the value of the shot (2/3 points), add the information on whether the shot was resisted or not, and choose a specific opponent to the shot.

Be a video editor yourself

Clicking the “Videos” button in the center of the screen leads you to a menu of two options: actions in offense and the actions of the defending player. This tool lets you create video presentations on any player with a choice of particular features: assists, pick-n-roll situations in offense, defense against pick-n-rolls, etc. Moreover, you can use additional filters on a teammate or an opponent in offense and an opponent in defense.

Our built-in video editing tools have a wide array of functions. Within the platform, you can set borders that indicate the duration of the video. These borders can be adjusted for both viewing and downloading the footage. Any episode or playlist can be shared via email or downloaded in mp4 format.

Moreover, you can draw on the video by using a yellow pen instrument. Your edits can also be saved, downloaded and shared.

High fives

Five-man lineup analysis helps the experts examine quite a few aspects, such as the most effective one in offense defined by “points for 100 possessions”, or points scored by an opposing team against this five-man lineup, and many more. Besides, this type of analysis identifies which of the five players is most effective in defense. This option serves as an efficient tool in post-match analysis and an asset in preparing for future games.

To summarize, these few features make InStat really stand out in the basketball performance analysis market:

    1. Detailed statistics;
    2. Customized parameters;
    3. Simple, user-friendly interface;
    4. Videos can be shared with anyone, not just the platform users;
    5. An option to produce highlights and summaries tied to a particular opponent;
    6. Quick filtering by the desired statistical parameters and easy export to PDF/XLS, which provides a huge asset in scouting;
    7. Different analysis options for player efficiency, five-man lineups, a whole match or a set of matches at once;
    8. Any player’s performance against a particular opponent can be scrutinized both within the framework of one match and throughout the season;
    9. Post-match reports available for both your team and your rivals
    10. Individual approach to every customer ensuring technical support, training and service during the season.

The platform is international: we analyze all European, Asian, South and North American leagues. Games appear on the platform in 8 to 12 hours after the final siren.