Cool head analysis

Cool head analysis

InStat is a leading expert in sports statistics. That is why our statistical reports contain the deepest, the most versatile and accurate data. Our clients receive reports in PDF format after every game.

Our specialists process every single action on the court involving the ball such passes, dribbling, shots – and, of course, we analyze all actions off the ball!

Cool head analysis

Statistical analysis of matches is being done by InStat employees who have experience of working in coaching staffs and analytical departments of different teams. We permanently communicate with active coaches in order to learn, which parameters are informative as well as which of those may distract.

Wins & Losses: Explanation and reasons

Our reports include a statistical comparison with your rivals. This helps identify the teams’ strengths and weaknesses. The total number and efficiency of combinations used in each game deserves special attention. How many “post” plays did your team (and opponent) have? What was your favorite option out of a pick-n-roll: the one involving the third player, passing to the rolling man or popping out to the 3-point line? Seeing the efficiency of every single detail contributes to a better understanding of what exactly has to be improved for the next game.

InStat specialists analyze players in every position. Let’s take a point guard position for example. It would be important to define how often the athlete played a “handler”, where he moved, from which zone he moved (“high”, “wing”), and where he was more efficient. Every number in our reports is supported by video footage stored on the InStat Scout platform. Any clips can be shared with players.

Alexander Ivanskiy

Head of InStat

Official stats of any league is just a small part of what coaches and analysts need these days. Take, for example, the case when one needs to rate center’s efficiency. An official boxscore contains only points, rebounds and blocks, while InStat provides a detailed analysis of “post”-plays with an accurate info about zones and turnaround sides. We talk about a total number of pick-n-rolls and screens, produced by a player. We also calculate how many of those plays ended up successfully, resulting in a shot or an opponent’s foul.

Unique data

InStat reports contain stats for unique parameters. We enclose a separate page describing lineups’ efficiency, with every single configuration of fives used during the game. Apart from a simple “plus/minus” ratio, we include advanced data for different players while they are on the floor. With this information one can define the least efficient lineups and use them as rare as possible in future.

One more unique feature that we offer is measuring your players efficiency against different opponents. During every attack our analysts define opposing pairs of players, if zone defence is not applied. Of course we record and consider switches, too. As a result, we do have an answer for an extremely important question: which opponent is best to aim with a particular set of actions of a chosen player? We also identify which switches help generate the biggest number of points. Thus, while preparing for future clashes, a coach will easily compose the right strategy putting each player against the easiest opponent.