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Denis Karaulnov

"InStat tremendously helps us get prepared for the next opponent as well as simplify many routines and save a fair amount of time. Another cool thing about InStat is that you never stop exploring its capabilities..."

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Kyle Kuric

"I have used InStat for many years now and I believe it has helped me a lot to improve all aspects of my game. For example, the shot location breakdown gives me insights to which areas I need to shoot better from."

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Juliane Höhne, Head Coach. TK Hannover

"InStat is a great time-saving tool for coaches to evaluate their own games and prepare scouting reports for their next opponents. On top of that, it offers great insight for players to review their own games to identify which areas they have excelled at and which areas they need to improve on."

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InStat contains huge database. It saves us time in tracking info about the opponent, and moreover, increases the efficiency of preparation for the upcoming games.

Sergei VoznyukHead Coach Assistant BC Zenit, Saint Petersburg
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Hakim Salem, Head Coach. Dutch National Women's Team

“We use InStat to breakdown our efficiency on both ends of the floor. We like to provide our National Team’s players with InStat reports where players themselves can look at their performance and learn from the game.”

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